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Yin Yang Bracelet Set

Yin Yang Bracelet Set

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Product details

Great for men , this Yin Yang essential oil bracelet is easy to wear. Soft leather continues under the metal decoration, giving you a great place to put your essential oils without it touching your skin. You can also put a felt pad cut to size under the metal plaque, especially helpful if you want to change oils often. 4 sizing options complete this perfect bracelet!


Size: 6.5-8", 0.5" wide

Included in package: Bracelet

Closure: Latch

Materials: Leather, Antique Bronze metal accents


How to Use: Separate the 2 pieces of leather under the metal decoration. Put the essential oil on the rough part of leather attached to the metal, this will provide a piece of leather between the oil and your skin. Put bracelet on and enjoy!

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