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Evil Eye Suncatcher

Evil Eye Suncatcher

$10.99 Regular Price
$7.69Sale Price
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 🧿 Evil eye hanging decor for decorate home office or car. The evil eye symbol comes from Turkey, which is used to ward off variations of evil intentions for the owner

🧿Evil eye ornaments comes with a clear crystal prism ball, which is made of k9 optical glass, not acrylic, to catch the sun light and gets more energy from the sun. It will make rainbows in your room to clear the bad energy

🧿Evil eye charm is suitable to be decorated anywhere indoors or outdoors, such as on windows, car rearview mirrors, office, sunrooms, doorways, or walls.

🧿Evil eye decor is a great gift idea, this mysterious and charming symbol blesses the recipient's family and adds an exotic touch to their home.

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