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Evil Eye Crystal Angel Suncatcher

Evil Eye Crystal Angel Suncatcher

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  • The meaning of the evil eye is to protect you from evil. It brings you luck and protects you from bad energy used to expel from your body the negative energy that envious people emanate.
  • Guardian Angel Crystal Suncatcher for Home/Car Decoration & Porch Decor & Hangings Crystal Glass Ornament
  • The decorative talisman is the most widely used evil eye beads. This product combines the devil's eye with the guardian angel These designer charms have dual purpose- they can be used as a blessing ornament or as a window hanging accessory. You can present your loved ones with the Turkish evil eye talisman and guard them against negative energy.
  • The size of hanging ornament is approx 12.7"*2.1",very beautiful holiday gift for any occasion
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