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Beginner Tarot, Tarot Cards With Meaning On It

Beginner Tarot, Tarot Cards With Meaning On It

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START YOUR TAROT JOURNEY WITH EASE - This beginner tarot deck is perfect for those just starting out
Upright and reversed meanings of each tarot card are printed right on the card, so you can easily learn and grow your tarot skills.
- A DECK FOR ALL LEVELS - Whether you're a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, this deck has something for everyone. With keywords, chakra symbols, planets, affiliations, and zodiacs, you'll have everything you need to give accurate readings.
- CONNECT WITH THE CARDS - The classical Tarot deck provides archetypal images that are easy to understand and follow. Connect with the cards through their beautiful images.
- Whether you're a beginner or an experienced witch, this tarot deck is perfect for you. With beautiful artwork and keywords on each card, it's easy to do readings and get in touch with your intuition.
- Learning the meanings of each card will help you to understand your life better. The cards also serve as a guide for your spiritual growth and development. You can use them for divination or meditation.
Product description
I created the perfect Learning Tarot Cards Deck for myself and my friends who wanted to learn Tarot as a beginner. I have been practicing reading Tarot for more than 15 years. Although I am thinking of the Tarot pictures, someday, I still need a quick explanation. I used a classical Tarot deck that Pamela Colman Smith originally illustrated in 1909 by direction Rider Waite. I collected all necessary upright and reversed meaning, elements on the background of each card, astrological correspondence with symbols for planets and zodiac symbols, and chakras posted by logos and colors. This Learning Tarot Cards is a unique deck for any level practitioner. This deck does not include a guidebook.

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