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1 pc Shamanic Sun Goddess Drum

1 pc Shamanic Sun Goddess Drum

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Experience the mystical world of shamanic music with this 1 pc Shamanic Sun Goddess Drum. Crafted with precision, this percussion instrument is perfect for exploring your spiritual side.

  • Weight: 207g
  • Type: Drum
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Quantity Per Pack: 1
  • Folk & Percussion Operation:
    • Mallet-Played
    • Hand-Played
  • The Shamanic Sun and Moon design adds to the allure of the instrument, making it a must-have for any percussion enthusiast. Its unique sound is perfect for meditation and shamanic rituals.
  • This drum is ideal for drumming circles, sound healing sessions, or personal use. It's easy to play and produces a rich sound that will transport you to another world. Add this stunning Shamanic Sun Goddess Drum to your collection today and experience the power of shamanism in your music!
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