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"I want no other, no other Lover. This is our life, our time. If we are together, I need you forever. Is it Love?"-Haddaway

From The Practical Witch's Spell Deck:

Starry Sky

Love Nest Spell
To anoint your home a sacred space and turn it into a loving nest, rub any one of the following essential oils undiluted on your door frames
*Cinnamon *Dragon's Blood
*Clover *Frankincense
Walk through the door and close it securely.  Take the remaining essential oil and anoint every other door and window.  At the Witching Hour-midnight, light anointed white candles and place them in every doorway and windowsill and sing:
My home is my temple.
And here I will live and love and be healed
And so it is by magic sealed 


Sylvan Spell
This is a lovely spell if you are given a small tree as a gift. To wish for strength and good health for you and your love.  Before you plant your sapling. Tie a bow in some colored ribbon and plant the bow with a small heart symbol in the soil under the roots of the tree.
After you have planted the tree, water it well.  Make a wish that both you and your love will grow strong and enduring as the tree takes root and begins to flourish. 
When the tree  bears its first leaf, press it in a book associated with the one you love.  
As long as you tend your tree with love, you will both enjoy blooming health and vitality


Starry Sky

Love Dust
Nowadays, you can buy body glitter almost anywhere. Whether it is baby powder, a body glitter, or the edible honey dust sold by the imitable Kama Sutra Company, get a powder that feels comfortable on your body and add the following to it:

1 drop of amber oil
1 drop of vanilla oil
1 teaspoon of lotus root powder
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Stir or shake and let it dry out before stirring again.  Stand naked and gently rub the powder all over your body. All day or night, your skin will feel tingly and ever so slightly warm. Notice the interested glances wherever you go.



Charms for Love
Another charm for luck in love is to take seven tiny rose quartz stones and put them on your windowsill during a full moon for seven hours. Then Pick up the stones and, while holding them in your palm, speak this wish-spell aloud:

Luck be quick, luck be kind,
And, by lucky seven,
gook luck will be mine.
Blessed be.


Starry Sky

Song of the Siren Spell
Mermaids and sirens are extremely erotic symbols and each one of us can conjure their power.  Buy a pound of sea salt and place it in a bowl with ten drops each of jasmine and neroli or ylang-ylang essential oil. Mix them together.
Instead of a shower in the morning, take a bath with your Siren Salts.  While submerged, visualize that you are turning heads with your mesmirizing mermaid beauty and silence.  When ready, rise up and do not comb or towel dry yourself or your hair-drip dry naturally. As you go through the day, do more listening than talking. The compliments and attention will amaze you!

Enchanted Lips
Before a special evening, e,ploy a kiss of "glamour" by adding one drop of clove oil to your favorite pot of lip gloss and then gently stirring it in while saying aloud three times

The ripest fruit,
The perfect petal.
Each kiss
is a spell of utmost bliss


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