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Wine.Cat.Say's Grimoire is intended to be a living collective source  knowledge for the mystical arts. We ask that you  help us grow by sharing things you have learned and sources for information.  Please email us at with the subject line: Grimoire  to have your additions featured. We greatly appreciate contributions and thank you for helping guide others on their path.

Magic resides within you and consciously or unconsciously we use it everyday. Through our thoughts and actions, we influence and use Universal energy to make changes even while unaware of the influence we have through unconscious thought. Imagine waves of vibrational energy radiating from a nonphysical you which exists within the Universal energy and surrounded by the energies of your environment as well as the objects and other people within that energy. Naturally, we desire peace, love, health and spirituality and seek to change the world to be a better place for ourselves and others. If you  are having difficulty manifesting, there may be unconscious elements that are working counter to your intentions or conscious elements that are contrary to your unconscious being's intentions and soul's desire or path.  From an inner place of intention, we are able to infinitely manifest and the Universe restores and refines us to higher energy and vibration.


Magic  begins in your sacred space. This space is not physical but rather a state of mind and being that attunes to the vibrating energy of the Universe.  Much the way a solo in an orchestra resonates with the rest of the song it also is its own piece that changes the song, entering the sacred space is attuning yourself to resonate with the Universe before playing your solo and manifesting your intentions. People use a physical space designated for their practice because it can be helpful to facilitate entering this sacred state of mind and being that is connected to the Universe.  People fill this space with objects that help to fulfill this purpose such as tapestries, sacred symbols, altars, meditation mats and incense.  Tools and rituals of magic usually serve the purposes of focusing our intentions and energy or conveying or releasing those intentions and energy.  Tools and rituals used in this manner should be considered sacred and cared for with a great deal of respect.  These tools are often placed on the altar in order to imbue them with focused energy.  Always purify new tools and think of them as energy conduits that can absorb and project the energy of the environment.  An altar, is a personal power center within your sacred space and is connected to your most true self and the Universe.  With practice, you may be able to exist in your sacred space and manifest in your daily life without the need for physical tools or space.  ​-The Practical Witch's Spellbook


If you are looking for spells that do harm, please click our Healing button as the desire to harm is a symptom of wounds within ourselves that need to heal.

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